Roman Bath Victoria

Roman Bath Victoria, building is partial mesh, copy, mod, no transfer, 147 prims. footprint 25 x 35

In ancient Rome, Thermae (from Greek θερμός thermos, „hot“) and balnea (from Greek βαλανεῖον balaneion) were facilities for bathing. Thermae usually refers to the large imperial bath complexes, while balneae were smaller-scale facilities, public or private, that existed in great numbers throughout Rome.[ Most Roman cities had at least one, if not many, such buildings, which were centres not only for bathing, but socializing.The water would be heated by a log fire before being channelled into the hot bathing rooms (hypocaustum).

(source: Wikipedia)

Thermen Victoria 8Roman Bathhouse Victoria consists of a large entrance hall / apodyterim…

Thermen Victoria 2Entering the bath itself you find the frigidarium at your right hand, a small cold water pool with fountain in the middle.

Thermen Victoria 5The large pool is the tepidarium, filled with warm water and the spacious round bath is the caldarium, which contains really hot water.

Thermen Victoria 4Entering the area at the side, you find the laconicum, a dry sweating room.

Thermen Victoria 6Thermen Victoria 7This area is also spacious enough to place a massage table. Around a small impluvium surrounded by stairs you find a socialising area.

Thermen Victoria 1The bathhouse is well and high-quality textured with several patterns of mosaics, some of them handmade for the wall niches you find everywhere. They show bathing scenes from different artists, all put into mosaics. The lightning is soft and the lamps are part of the bathhouse decor, as well as the fountains and water arrangements.

Large pool, round pool, socialising area and the sweating room are equipped with simple bathing, sitting or lying animations. Just touch the the parts or the walls of the area to sit.

The outside of the roman bath „Victoria“ is really monumental. Large massive stone blocks and nice friezes for decor. The textures outside are as well high-quality ones. This bath seems to be built for eternity and suits into ancient roman or greek settings as well as in gorean settings.

Thermen Victoria 9

Price: 955 L$ via Marketplace Shop

To see the building inworld, contact Beric01 Resident or Nea Narstrom.

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