Villa Victoria I

Roleplay building for gorean, medieval, ancient (greek, roman) mediterranean settings. Third building of our „Victoria“ series. The building is partial mesh and highly detailled textured.

FOOTPRINT: approximately 33 x 10 m + kitchen wing (built at right angles, so footprint is a bit difficult to tell)

LAND IMPACT: 123 prims

PERMISSIONS: Copy, Mod, No Transfer


– large entrance hall
– doorway to the atrium with impluvium (main hall)
– dining room with a secret door leading to the kitchen (culina), as seen in villas of Pompeii
– private room with large terrace upstairs
– small court with entrance doors to the kitchen an the main hall

The villa urbana is built as a very representative residence with marble, rich ornaments, mosaics and frescos in harmonious colours.
The culina has a prim count of 13 prims, in case you want to remove it. The culina is built according to historical reconstructions.

Price: 955 L$ via Marketplace Shop

To see the building inworld, contact Beric01 Resident or Nea Narstrom.

Mesh compatible viewer required!

villa I victoria1

Front Viewvilla I victoria2

Small courtyard / kitchen wingvilla I victoria4

large terracevilla I victoria5back of the villa

villa 1 victoria5

culina / inside kitchen wingvilla 1 victoria6

entrance hallvilla 1 victoria7

main hall with impluviumvilla 1 victoria8

main hall and dining roomvilla 1 victoria9

dining room and garden doorvilla 1 victoria10

dining room with secret door to the culinavilla 1 victoria11

private room upstairs

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