Insula Victoria Maxima

Roleplay building for gorean, medieval, ancient (greek, roman) mediterranean settings. Fifth building of our „Victoria“ series. Please check our Marketplace store for updates and new buildings. The building is partial mesh and highly detailled textured.

FOOTPRINT: approximately 22 x 56 m

LAND IMPACT: 157 prims

PERMISSIONS: Copy, Mod, No Transfer

insula maxima5


This huge insula is certainly a living and trading place for the prosperous parts of your city. It offers

– 4 shops or offices at the groundfloor

The second floor might be used as an inn. It offers

– three small guest rooms and
– two larger dwelling units with balconies.

The center piece of this luxurious and representative building is the large atrium with the impluvium. The floor, the colums, the walls here, everything is kept in a very generous appearance and creates a lot of roleplaying atmosphere. Precious mosaics and marble dominate most of the building.

Mesh compatible viewer required!

contact: Nea Narstrom or Beric01 Resident

Price 1299 L$

See and buy the building inworld

or via Marketplace

insula maxima1

insula maxima2

insula maxima3

insula maxima4

insula maxima6

insula maxima7

insula maxima8

insula maxima9

insula maxima10

insula maxima11

insula maxima12

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