Hospital Victoria

Roleplay building for gorean, medieval, ancient (greek, roman) mediterranean settings. Fifth building of our „Victoria“ series. The building is partial mesh and highly detailled textured.

FOOTPRINT: 32 x 22

LAND IMPACT: 152 prims

PERMISSIONS: Copy, Mod, No Transfer


– entrance with mosaics (fauces)
– peristyle garden in the atrium with impluvium, plants and statue (garden and statue have a prim count of 27, in case you want to remove it, just close the floor prim)
– four small rooms for the patients
– an office or laboratory with window to the entrance
– three surgery rooms
– a dwelling unit for the doctor(medicus/healer upstairs

The roman hospital is built according to historical reconstructions. You find several mosaics as decor elements, which are an nice contrast to the whitewashed walls. The window archs on top serve the ventilation of the building.

Price: 1299 L$

Buy via Marketplace or inworld.

contact: Beric01 Resident or Nea Narstrom

Mesh compatible viewer required!

hospital victoriahospital victoria4 hospital victoria1 hospital victoria2 hospital victoria3 hospital victoria5 hospital victoria6 hospital victoria7 hospital victoria8 hospital victoria9 hospital victoria10 hospital victoria11 hospital victoria12 hospital victoria13 hospital victoria14 hospital victoria15

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