Roman Culina

Roleplay kitchen for gorean, medieval, ancient (greek, roman) mediterranean settings.

The items are partial mesh.

LAND IMPACT: 14 prims

PERMISSIONS: mod, transfer, no copy


– a roman hearth with brazier and pot
– several ceramic storage pots
– a wooden wall cabinet
– two cabinets for storage
– a thermopolium
– a sack of grain

The culina is built according to historical reconstructions. It comes in a rezzbox, but you can place the items the way you need them. Attention to the fire itself, which is not linked to the hearth. (for lower land impact)

Price: mod/transfer/ no copy version 199 L$, copy, mod, no transfer version 499 L$

Buy via marketplace shop or inworld.

Marketplace mod,transfer version

Marketplace copy, mod version

Contact: Beric01 Resident or Nea Narstrom

Mesh compatible viewer required!


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