Lupanar Victoria

DESCRIPTION: Roleplay building for gorean, medieval, ancient (greek, roman) mediterranean settings. Sixth building of our „Victoria“ series. The building is partial mesh and highly detailled textured.

FOOTPRINT: Tavern: 21 x 17, Alcove: 25 x 8 (below ground level) Attention: THIS BUILDING REQUIRES TERRAFORMING!


PERMISSIONS: Copy, Mod, No Transfer


– front entrance through archwalls into the main tavern room
– backdoor and stairway down into the cozy alcoves (there are three of them)
– small niche for very private conversations
– kitchen and storage room
– private entry with atrium and stairway up to the dwelling room with small balcony on the back of the house
– small terrace on the ground floor

The building might be used as lupanar in a roman setting or as a gorean paga tavern. The frescos on the wall contain explicit erotic motives, so it can’t be used as a normal tavern or inn. We tried to give the building a really worn look, so it is obvious that it is not a luxury sex resort.

The Alcove part is below ground level, so terraforming is needed our you have to rise the street level.

Price: 749 L$

Buy via Marketplace or in our inworld shop.

Contact: Beric01 Resident or Nea Narstrom.

Mesh compatible viewer required!

lupanarPIC lupanar victoria11 lupanar victoria10 lupanar victoria9 lupanar victoria7 lupanar victoria6 lupanar victoria5 lupanar victoria4 lupanar victoria3 lupanar victoria2 lupanar victoria1

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