Villa Decimus

The Villa Decimus is a detailed reconstruction of a typical Roman domus. The basic layout is based on Vitruvius‘ description of an ideal single-family Roman house, known as the domus italica.

Like most crowded cities, the Roman domus was connected to other houses which then formed a city block. As a result, the only wall exposed to the street was the façade, which led to the interior of the house. Visitors would enter the domus through a corridor known as the fauces. We added a typical store and another small room, which can be used as office or guards room.

decimus1Proceeding down the fauces, one would enter into the central and most important area of the house—the atrium. The roof of the atrium was designed to sloped inward and had a square opening in the middle called the compluvium. The compluvium “not only admitted much-needed light to the house but also channeled rainwater into a basin” in the floor of the atrium called the impluvium

decimus2On either side of the atrium were a series of rooms called cubicula. The cubiculum were the sleeping quarters for the family and were very small in size. Each cubicula opened up into the atrium and either had very small slits for windows or no windows at all. Our Villa Decimus has four of these small sleeping quarters.

decimus6decimus4At the end of the atrium there was a large room on axis with the fauces called the tablinum. Originally, the tablinum served as a master bedroom for the house and was much larger than the cubicula. However, over time, the tablinum became a place where the family archives were kept. We used it as area for a kitchen room and the latrinae. Next to the tablinum was another fairly large room known as the triclinium. This area served as the dining room of the house and derives its name from the three couches that lined the walls of the room.


decimus10decimus9Finally, beyond the tablinum near the rear of the house, there was typically an enclosed garden known as the hortus. Here, city dwellers could receive seclusion from the city while still enjoying nature.

decimus8decimus7A great video of a typical roman house can be found at Youtube. It was standing in cities like Rome and Pompeii 2000 years ago.

The building is completely in mesh, so a mesh-enabled viewer ist required. The falling rain in the atrium is controlled by clicking at the stone of the water basin. Our Villa Decimus fits well to all buildings of the Victoria series.

Landimpact 89 (with garden)

Footprint 16 x 28

Copy, Mod, No Trans

Price: 1299 L$

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