Villa Iulius


The Villa Iulius is a rough reconstruction of a Roman house which was excavated in Pompeii. The house has two entrances, one smaller leading to the servant quarters and to the atrium, passing a corridor with the Villas family altar (lararium). The servant quarter consist of an open kitchen at the front side of the villa and an adjacent room, which can be used as as simple storage or sleeping room.

iuliusThe main entrance leads directly into the huge and open atrium of the Villa. The atrium, which has a central impluvium, has three rooms (cubicula). Two of them have direct access to the garden of the Villa.

The upper floor can be reached through a short corridor and a narrow stair at the left side of the atrium. Five more rooms can be found on the upper level of the Villa. You can reach them by following the gallery overlooking the atrium below.

*** Landimpact and Footprint ***

LI = 147 Prims
FP = 18 x 36 m

Copy, Mod, NO Transfer


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*** Rooms and Features ***

1. Ground Floor

– open kitchen
– adjacent storage room or servant quarter
– large atrium with impluvium, sun rays enter trough the roof compluvium
– small prayer area with family altar (lararium)
– three rooms each individually textured, two of them have direct access to the garden
. small garden area with mesh plants




iulius4iulius5iulius72. Upper Floor

– balcony / gallery overlooking the atrium below
– three bedrooms, each individually textured
– one larger open room, perfect for a Triclinium (Roman formal dining room)
– one „solar“ style room at the end of the gallery, half open on two sides


iulius13iulius12iulius10iulius11*** Notes ***

Make sure to rez the Villa on the right level. The black marble floor of the water basin can be used as indication to find the right level.

If you want to get rid of the sun rays, make sure to you unlink them from the water prim in the impluvium.

The building is 90% Mesh. Make sure your viewer is up to date!



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