Simdesign by Del-ka Aedilis

You have the idea – we make it possible!

You would like to have a roleplaying environment that takes yourself and your fellow players to an imaginary world?

You are looking for the perfect roleplaying environment where terraforming, city or village layout, buildings, interior, decoration and everything else appears to be from the same mold?

You set high value on the design and aesthetic look of you roleplaying sim and you are not interested in texturized prim cubes with roof looking like Second Life 2007?

If you are searching for a sophisticated and thoroughly executed roleplaying sim design then you should not hesitate to contact us. We are offering complete sim design from the scratch and single services, such as terraforming, custom buildings, interior, decoration. We are also able to offer you additional advertising and marketing services. We are looking forward to discuss your ideas and our possibilities with you.

You share your vision with us and we will work out a suitable proposal within three days. The planning and realization of your project takes between two to eight weeks – depending on the size of your roleplaying environment and the individual services you require.

We are specialized on Gorean, Ancient and Fantasy game worlds. However, our portfolio also includes other projects we have done already. You only have a homestead sim? Not a problem at all. Some of our projects were realized on a homestead sim and we always aim to set standards and to achieve the best results.

Beric01 Resident & Nea Narstrom



Turmus am Vosk, btb gorean roleplay sim (Fullprim)

port-kar_008Port Kar, btb gorean roleplay sim (Homestead)

selnarSelnar zu Cos, btb gorean roleplay sim (Homestead)

neuville2_002Neuville-sur-Mer, urban/mystery roleplay, french riviera (two homestead sims)

beach_001Misgoyne Island, explicite adult roleplay, tropical island simdesign (Homestead)

forfax manor_003Forfax, english countryside, living & roleplay sim (Homestead)

You want to see more examples of our work? Look here.

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