Castle Black – Stronghold of the Night’s Watch

Castle Black is a reconstruction of the Night’s Watch’s main stronghold in „A Game of Thrones“.
The structure fits also into other medieval and fantasy settings. A mesh-enabled viewer is required.

castleblack_1Land Impact:
Complete Stronghold unfurnished 825
(some deco elements are included, the furniture can be bought separately)



*Front with main gate and two small and two large towers
*Side element with Flint Barracks, forge, armory and Lord Commander’s Tower
*Main Building with Great Hall, kitchen and Silent Tower
*Second yard including accommodations, the sept, the King’s Tower and the stables
*Element with the second gate and two small towers
*placeholder wall

The elevator is NOT included in the package. In case you want to use the stronghold in another setting or without „the Wall“ we completed the fortress with a placeholder wall. You can easily remove it in case you don’t need it. You can remove also the snowy ground if you decide to terraform the area by yourself.


castleblack_4Promo price: 3499 L$
(until 09/2015)

Buy via Marketplace.

If you want to see the building inworld, please visit our sim with Castle Black and The Wall.  The stronghold is too spacious to place it into our store rezzer.

You can see our other furniture and the buildings inworld by using the rezzer in our shop.

contact: Beric01 Resident, Nea Narstrom





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