Night’s Watch Series: Lord Commander Table Set

Roleplay furniture for gorean, medieval and fantasy settings. Part of our Night’s Watch Series, inspired by George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones. The furniture was built to fit into our Castle Black building, the main fortress of the Night’s Watch.
The furniture is mesh and so a mesh-enabled viewer is required to see it.

castleblack_lordcomtableLand Impact:
Set with complete Decor (candles, wine & mugs) – 12
Chair Lord Commander – 2
other Chair – 2
Chair set linked together – 5
Table without Decor – 1

(please don’t change the size of the chairs because of the built-in animations)


The chairs are equipped with 7 sitting animations, one of them speaking to the audience in the hall. We chose the animations to subserve your roleplay without getting too complicated.

Candles can be lit or doused by clicking the wick.

LordComTable_vendorpicPrice: 245 L$

Order via Marketplace here.

You can see the furniture and the buildings inworld by using the rezzer in our shop.

contact: Beric01 Resident, Nea Narstrom

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