The Dorne Series: Villa Oberyn

Villa Oberyn is a Moorish-styled opulent city villa and part of our Game of Thrones inspired Dorne Series. The building also fits into other Moorish or fantasy settings. The structure is mesh, so a mesh-enabled viewer is required to see it.

Land Impact:
Complete with patio garden – 300
(Garden with seating area – 29)


You enter the villa through a courtyard garden flooded with light. The garden is arranged around a central star-shaped planting bed with a palm reaching up to the second floor and the gallery.

On the left you enter the great richly decorated hall with its four columns.

villaoberyn2On the right you enter a large private room with the typical carved stone walls and the stairway.

villaoberyn3At the second floor four doors lead from the gallery into private or guest rooms. The gallery and the courtyard are covered by a square open top of wooden ornaments.
The rooms of the upper floor are full of details, well arranged textures, interior walls with moorish-themed frescos and moorish wall niches.
The villa is representative and opulent enough to serve as a palace as well.

villaoberyn4Price: 1299 L$

Buy via Marketplace.

See and buy inworld.

contact: Beric01 Resident or Nea Narstrom

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