The Dorne Series: Villa Sunspear

Villa Sunspear is a Moorish-styled city village and part of our Game of Thrones inspired Dorne Series. The building also fits into other Moorish or fantasy settings.
The structure is mesh, so a mesh-enabled viewer is required to see it. villasunspear7Land Impact:
Complete with all courtyard plants and kitchen – 147
Kitchen – 7 LI
Plants – 24 LI


You enter the villa through a courtyard garden flooded with light. A Moorish-tiled water basin ensures refreshment for yourself and your guests.

villasunspear1The covered terrace makes you forget the heat of the day. From the terrace two entrances lead into the house: one into the small kitchen and the other one to the main room.



villasunspear4From the ground floor a stair leads up to your more private room with a decorated dome and a balcony.


villasunspear5villasunspear9Price 849 L$

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contact: Beric01 Resident or Nea Narstrom


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