The Dorne Series: Villa Ellaria

Villa Ellaria is a Moorish-styled city village and part of our Game of Thrones inspired Dorne Series. The building also fits into other Moorish or fantasy settings.
The structure is mesh, so a mesh-enabled viewer is required to see it.

Land Impact:
Complete with garden and all plants – 123


villa ellaria1Medium sized city villa with garden and small store facing the street.
Small entrance area with columns and ornamental grills.
Spacious room on ground floor with opulent wall textures and access to the garden and the stairs.
Second floor with spacious private room and a small room for a kitchen or a bath.

villa ellaria2

villa ellaria3

villa ellaria4Price 749 L$

Please visit our store to see the building inworld before purchasing it.

Villa Ellaria on Marketplace click here.

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contact: Beric01 Resident or Nea Narstrom

Villa EllariaPIC

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