Domus Agricola Hortus

Domus Agricola / Domus Agricola Hortus

The Domus Agricola and the Domus Agricola Hortus are small sized residential buildings to use as a stay in the less wealthy parts of the city or in rural areas. They perfectly match the buildings of our Victoria series and can be used as buildings in any gorean, roman or even medieval roleplaying environment. Of course they can be used for any other purpose as desired by you.

The building itself is mesh, except the house base and the garden ground of the Domus Agricola Hortus.


*** Landimpact and Footprint ***

Domus only – 25
Hortus / Kitchen Garden w. ground and fence – 56

*** Features & Rooms ***

Permissions: Copy, Mod, NO Transfer

1. Ground Floor

– two rooms, both with simple wooden windows


2. Garden (only with Domus Agricola Hortus)

– kitchen garden with the planting beds
– several plants, all mesh and highly detailed
– mesh fence

domusagricolahortus2Price: 549L$

To see the building inworld before purchasing it, come and use the rezzer in our inworld shop.

Purchase via Marketplace.

contact: Beric01 Resident or Nea Narstrom

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