The Kattegat Series: House Thorstein

House Thorstein / Kattegat Series

The Thorstein House is a small sized two room residential buildings to use as a stay in a northern/ viking styled setting. It’s the first building of our Kattegat Series and can be used as a building in any gorean – especially Torvaldsland –  or medieval roleplaying environment, too.

The building itself is mesh, except the house ground floor.



*** Landimpact and Footprint ***

House including central fireplace, 2 wall braziers, stack of firewood and decor skull outside – 57

Footprint 9×13

*** Features & Rooms ***

Permissions: Copy, Mod, NO Transfer

kattegat_thorstein4Ground Floor: two rooms, small windows with shutters to open and close

Thatched roof with detailed gable construction and carved horse’s head decor elements outside


Price: 249L$

To see the building inworld before purchasing it, come and use the rezzer in our inworld shop.

Purchase via Marketplace.

contact: Beric01 Resident or Nea Narstrom


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