The Kattegat Series: Smokehouse Haelga

The Smokehouse Haelga is a small sized smokehouse to use as a standalone or close to a house wall. In this form it is a a typical build of viking villages and was used to smoke meat and fish. The Haelga Smokehouse might be used  in any gorean- especially Torvaldsland – , medieval, fantasy or ancient setting, but was mainly built for our Kattegat Series. It matches all buildings from the Kattegat Series perfectly. (see pic in combination with House Ivar)

kattegat_haelga3*** Landimpact

Smokehouse including meat, fish, firepit, crate, bucket of fish, stack of firewood and 2 faggots – 15 Landimpact

kattegat_haelga4*** Features

Permissions: Copy, Mod, NO Transfer

Firepit with on/off per klick

Worn Leather Curtain to close/open per klick

kattegat_haelga2Price: 199 L$

Watch in our inworld showroom before purchasing.

Purchase via Marketplace here.

contact: Beric01 Resident or Nea Narstrom

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