The Kattegat Series: Mead Hall Ragnar

*** Description & Features ***

kattegat_meadhall_ragnar1– Large viking style mead hall / long house
– Entrance area, entrance doors are KOOL DOOR ready
– Two rooms (small & mid size) next to the entrance area for guests or as storage / kitchen
– A gallery overlooking the hall
– Central hall area with two platforms for tables and benches between a row of support columns
– Fire pit with cauldrons
– Elevated platform (high seat)
– Separate area behind the high seat as living quarters for the Jarl and his family (two storeys)
– Detailed roof construction with smoke hole and dragon ornaments
– 8 separate wall braziers









The hall itself is MESH with carefully selected textures. The firepit can be controlled centrally through the chain hanging at one of the support columns. The lever underneath the chain opens both roof flaps to allow the smoke to escape. Advanced Lighting Model is recommended as some objects use materials system.

The building is COPY / MOD.

*** Footprint ***

20 x 42 (hall structure)
25 x 42 (hall structure with entrance area)

*** Landimpact ***

Longhouse: 93 LI
Roof Flaps + Lever: 3 LI
Firepit: 6 LI
Braziers: 8 Braziers, 2 LI each


Price 1299 L$

See inworld before purchase.

Order via Markeplace.

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