The Kattegat Series: Kitchen Garden Gunn

The Gunn Kitchen Garden is a medium sized garden plot consisting of two parts to place it in front of your house, next to the entrance door.

The wattle fence used in this arrangement is a a typical element of viking villages. The Gunn Garden might be used to have a kitchen garden near buildings in any gorean, medieval, fantasy or ancient setting, but was mainly built for our Kattegat Series. It matches all buildings from the Kattegat Series perfectly. (see pic below in combination with House Gunne)

All elements are mesh, only the planting bed is prim-based.

kattegat_vegetablegarden_gunn1*** Landimpact
both parts/garden plots including fences, wooden trellis, all plants and the wooden rake
11 LI

left plot – 5LI
rightside plot – 9LI

*** Features

Permissions: Copy, NO Mod, NO Transfer

* planting beds
* wattle fences
* 2x stinging nettles
* 2 rows of potatoe plants
* wooden trellis with peas
* row of beans
*grassy weed & pumpkin patch
* wooden rake

kattegat_vegetablegarden_gunnPICPrice: 199 L$

See item in our showroom before purchasing it.

contact: Beric01 Resident or Nea Narstrom



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