The Kattegat Series: Straw Decor Haegar

The Straw Decor Haegar includes 3 bales of straw, straw on the floor, a rustic bucket, the pitchfork and a bunch of stinging nettles. It might be used as a standalone or close to a house wall or barn. The Straw Decor Haegar might be used in any gorean- especially Torvaldsland – , rural, medieval, fantasy or ancient setting, but was mainly built for our Kattegat Series.

*** Landimpact

Straw Decor including straw bales, straw groundfloor, pitchfork, bucket and stinging nettles – 5 Landimpact

*** Features

Animations: 4 Single Sits for male and female – 5 intimate couple animations


Permissions: Copy, NO Mod, NO Transfer

Price: 98 L$

See item inworld

Purchase via Marketplace

contact: Beric01 Resident or Nea Narstrom


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