The Kattegat Series: Viking Fletts Hakon

The Viking Fletts Hakon offer you a set of viking furniture based on historical information about the interior of viking huts and longhalls. The fletts are wide wooden frames, placed along the walls of a the dwelling to gather, sit, work and even sleep on. They were often filled with straw to keep the cold away.
The set contains 4 small fletts to place around the central firepit and 1 larger flett to place in the back chamber for more privacy. It might be used in any gorean- especially Torvaldsland – , rural, medieval or fantasy setting, but was mainly built for our Viking Series. It fits all buildings from the viking series, in the buildings with gallery you might have to move the ladder a bit aside.
As an additional gift you receive 2 leather curtains with open/close function, a larger one and smaller one.
ATTENTION: The firepit is NOT part of the package. You can choose between a smaller and large viking firepit in our shop inworld and on marketplace.


kattegatserie_fletts1*** Landimpact

Viking Fletts Hakon – Set with 4 small and 1 large flett 16 LI
small flett – 3LI
large flett – 4LI

*** Features

Basic set of sit, sleep and cuddle animations, each flett places 2 avatars

Permissions: Copy, Mod, NO Transfer

Price: 149 L$

See item inworld.

Purchase via Marketplace.

contact: Beric01 Resident or Nea Narstrom



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