The Helvegen Series: Longhall Rollo

The Longhouse Rollo is a large viking-style, multipurpose hall structure. It can be used as residence for the Jarl and his family and his retainers or as tavern / inn / brothel for your medieval village.

*** Rooms & Features ***
– one large central room with main entrance
– four small chambers
– a small room with seperate entrance area
– two attic rooms

Landimpact: 83 prims
Footprint: 44 x 14 m

copy, mod, no trans

All doors are KOOL-Door ready.

Price 899L$

Please have a look at the item inworld before purchasing it via Marketplace.

contact inworld: Beric01 Resident and/or Nea Narstrom

helvegengeseries_longhallrollo1 helvegengeseries_longhallrollo2 helvegengeseries_longhallrollo3 helvegengeseries_longhallrollo4 helvegengeseries_longhallrollo5 helvegengeseries_longhallrollo6


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