The Kattegat Great Hall

„The bonds of loyalty and hospitality that held Viking society together were forged in the chieftain’s longhouse, the Great Hall.“



The Great Hall is divided into the main hall and two large private rooms. A row of posts is running down the length of the longhouse, supporting the roof beams and dividing the structure into a central corridor and three aisles on each side of the main hall.

One of the aisles is decorated with bronze ornaments and golden dragon heads and is used as high seat for the Jarl and his family. A second aisle is already equipped with a Viking style pantry with many kitchen accessories.

The separate living quarter for the Jarl and his family can be found at the end of the central hall, stretching over two floors with partition walls, windows (with shutters) and two back entrances.


*** Great Hall ***
Hall Structure with wall decoration: 130 LI
8 Hanging Fire Bowls – 2 LI each
2 x Golden Dragon – 4 LI each
2 x Golden Fire Braziers – 3 LI each
High Seat Animal Hide Rugs – 7 LI
High Seat Tapestry – 2 LI
Great Hall Firepit – 7 LI
2 x Weapon Racks – 4 LI each



*** Kitchen Area ***
Kitchen Counter – 8 LI
Kitchen Fire – 10 LI
Bench and Rug- 5 LI
Butter Churn Set- 3 LI
Firewood – 2 LI
Decorated Barrels – 4 LI
Storage Bar – 5 LI



Great Hall 34 x 18
+ Back Porch 8 x 5 m

Product Features

– Large viking style hall structure
– Main hall with high seat, fully equipped pantry, richly decorated high seat and four aisles
– Central fire place in front of the high seat
– Separate living quarter on two floors
– Main entrance and two back entrances
– Porch / outside sitting area
– Many decoration items, such as shields, fire bowls, braziers, weapon racks, and many more
– Wood shingle roof with smoke hole
– Doors & curtains KOOL DOOR ready

The braziers, firebowls and central hearth are equipped with particle fire, which can be set on/off and illumination mode by touching the flame part. The particle smoke is located in the coal bed of the hearth and can be switched on and off by touch.


1499 L$

See building inworld in our showroom

before purchasing it via Marketplace.






*** Notes ***

The building and all included decorating items are copy / mod / no trans!

All items are packed in a rezzing system for easy setup.

99% Mesh with carefully selected textures. Some items use Materials / Advanced Lighting Model.

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