Civitas Series – Roman Bath Set

The Roman Bath Set from our Civitas Series offers you the perfect item to support your roleplay in any ancient, central gorean or any historical fantasy setting.
A folded towel, sponge, two small ointment bottles for oils or essences, as well as a roman strigil make the set complete and historically close to accurate.

To support your roleplaying experience the set is equipped with hand-picked animations:

Single Animations (sitting on edge and in the water) – min. 6 for each character
Couple Cuddle & Bathing – 6
Couple Sex Anims – 6
FFM Anims – 4
MMF Anims – 4

The animations try to support your roleplay situations using Sitter 0 for a woman, Sitter 1 for a male and sitter 2 for both, each sitter ist equipped with slightly different animations to make sense for threesome situations with slaves or free people of both gender.

Sitter 1 – Female
Sitter 2 – Male
Sitter 3 – additional Female or Male

Necessary props are rezzed or attached automatically. (never more than 3 LI)

Land impact of the item:

Decor Version only 2-3 LI
Couple Version 4 LI
Threesome Version 5 LI

AV Sitter / no poseballs / Mesh

copy, mod, no transfer

(please don’t remove prims or change size, for this might have an influence on your avatar positions, when using the animations)

Best use is with the bathhouse from our civitas series, which can be bought separately or as part of the city packag, which is coming soon.

Price: 399 L$

Buy via Marketplace

See inworld before purchasing.

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