Civitas Series – Complete City in a box

The box contains a complete city with numerous decorative objects that can be used for Gor, ancient Roman times or GoT. Simply rez the complete structure and start your favorite roleplay setting!

The village consists of the following buildings and structures:

– a typical open tavern with hostel on the first floor
– a bathhouse with outdoor area
– market square with municipal administration building
– temple building
– slave quarter with brothel, fully equipped blacksmith, auction place, small cell wing and two apartments.
– town villa with atrium, rain basin (impluvium) and garden. Extra feature: just click the basin to find out
– a small stable building
– small forum
– a total of 10 different residential buildings, some with separate residential units and shops
– various gardens with plants, trees and fountains
– a complete, modular city wall with main gate, typical roman style towers and three smaller side gates
– also various decorative objects, such as market stalls, statues, etc.

The buildings are 99% mesh with carefully selected and partially handcrafted textures, including materials. Use of Advanced Lighting Model is highly recommended!

The city focuses on the lifestyle of the lower and middle classes. In addition, we offer several larger villas for the upper classes of Roman or Gorean society. Supplementary products such as furniture (with animations and rezzable objects), lighting objects, kitchen equipment, bath sets with selected animations plus many more can be purchased in our shop.

*** Required space for the complete set ***

Length x width: 94 m x 94 m
Total Landimpact: 1730 prims

*** Overview of the individual buildings + primcount ***

Bathhouse: 75 + outdoor area 72
Basilica with Forum: 160
Medicus House: 29
Market house 1: 40
Market house 2: 45
Market house 3: 85
Market house 4: 51
Temple: 62
Slave quarter complete: 103
Bakery: 32
Stable with decoration: 24
Town villa: 76
Insula I: 76
Insula 2: 40
Tavern with hostel: 79
Merchant house 1: 61
Merchant house 2: 44
Small forum: 20
Filler building with tunnel and shop: 49

*** Other features and notes ***

The village and the individual buildings are copyable and modifiable. However, we recommend at least basic building knowledge.

The village is laid out on several levels. In order to balance out the differences in heights we used floor slabs of different heights. Knowledge of terraforming is an advantage if you want to fit the complex into the surrounding landscape. The Rezzbox is located at the main gate, which should also serve as a suitable height indication for the ground level below the structure. We recommend to rezz the complete structure approx. 5 – 10 m above the actual ground level. After everything has been rezzed, you can slowly move the box downwards and align the structure.

Please allow the complete structure to rezz. It takes about 3-4 minutes until everything is in its right place.

Introductory price: 8990 L – only for a short time. Don’t miss the opportunity!
Explore inworld at our roleplay sim „Baiae“ before purchasing.

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