Civitas Series – Slave Quarter

*** Slave quarter – complete district ***

The slave quarter consists of two buildings and a square. In the first building there is a brothel on the ground floor. It consists of four single rooms, which can be reached directly from the street. Opposite is a vaulted corridor with storage areas and a fully equipped forge.

On the upper floor of the second building there are two small apartments, accessible via a winding staircase. Please note that there is no apartment above the Lupanar. The rear square serves as an auction place for slaves, with an auction platform and a small cell block.

The structure is particularly suitable for Roman and Gorean role-playing settings and is based on the TV series Spartacus. In addition to the buildings you will also get the blacksmith’s workshop and some decorative objects.

The doors and curtains are scripted and KOOL door ready. The textures are carefully selected and partly handcrafted with materials. The structure and items itself are 99.9% mesh

Footprint: 33 x 16 m
Landimpact: 102 (buildings), 10 (deco items), 10 (blacksmith shop), 14 (auction square deco items) – TOTAL: 136

The slave quarter is part of the Civitas Series – Complete City Package.

Price 1299L$
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