Civitas Series – City Villa

*** City Villa ***

Medium sized city villa, suitable for various role playing settings, especially ancient Rome, Central Gor or GoT.

Footprint: 16 x 16 m
Landimpact: 76 prims

The design corresponds to a classical Roman domus or praetorium in a legionary camp.


– Impressive entrance
– Atrium with open roof and rain basin (Impluvium)
– two smaller rooms in the entrance area
– Tablinum (study and reception room)
– two further rooms at the back: the landlord’s bedroom and the triclinium (dining room)
– a classic Roman vase with a plant + a shrine are included as decoration objects
– extra feature: when clicking on the basin rain falls through the roof opening 

– scripted doors, KOOL door ready
– selected textures with material
– 100% mesh

(the build is also part of our Civitas Complete City from a box)


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