The Medieval Town – Complete City from a box

Complete Medieval / Fantasy Small Town

We have created a fantastic new product for all role playing enthusiasts. You get a complete medieval small town out of the box. In less than ten minutes your town will be ready and you can start furnishing it.

The city includes all the listed buildings, the surrounding city wall with three gates and towers, and all the streets, gardens and decorations. Many details bring the town to life immediately and invite you to role play. The architectural style fits into the Middle Ages, but also into fantasy settings like „The Witcher“ or Gor.

The city can be expanded with little building skills. All buildings and objects are copy and mod.

Please watch out for further modules, which we will release in a near future to match the town.

*** General Features ***

Landimpact: 1057 prims
Footprint: 78 x 88 m
Permissions: Copy / Mod
High detailed textures
99% Mesh
Advanced Lightning Model is recommended
Doors are KOOLdoor ready

*** Features and description of the different buildings ***

– single room small cottage
– double room small cottage
– small two-storey house
– townhouse with ground floor workshop and three rooms on the first floor
– two-storey townhouse with balcony
– large merchant house with workshop/shop, small apartment and spacious flat on the first floor
– small two-storey cottage with three rooms

Tavern with Inn:
Consisting of two tavern rooms on the ground floor and four guest rooms on the first floor. As an extra feature there is a spacious alcove with three separate rooms in the basement. The smaller tavern room with access to the basement can be used as a paga tavern or as a medieval brothel.

Town Hall:
Town hall with open arched gallery, offices, a spacious courtyard with kitchen or servants‘ room and a small prison. In addition, the large hall is located on the ground floor. The large hall can be used, for example, as a throne room or banquet room. Three spacious apartments are located on the first floor.

Moreover, there are countless decorative elements, small alleys, streets, small and large squares and plants that complete the entire picture of the city. The town is enclosed by the town wall. There are altogether three gate towers through which one can enter the city.

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