The Medieval Series – Farmhouse Lambert @Redeux Event

New & Exclusive @ Redeux Event in June with 25% off (June 14 – 21)


Complete farm with various buildings, stables and many decorative items. Suitable for all kinds of role play settings, e.g. medieval, gor, fantasy, etc.

The farmhouse itself has a small entrance area and two separate rooms. Moreover you will find a spacious attic. Beside it is another small building that can be used as a storage facility, but also as an additional residential house. A small kitchen garden is located in front of the farmhouse.

The pig pen has some sound effects which can be switched on or off by clicking on the floor. We have also added another barn and many decorative items. In case you want to remove some of the items, please make sure to unlink them first.

Footprint: 27 x 29 m
– Farmhouse 47 prims
– Storage 32 prims
– Pigpen 7 prims
– Stable wit decor 17 prims
– Garden plot 8 prims
– Farm decor 25 prims

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or @ our Roleplay Sim: Dorian, Kingdom of Temeria



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