NEW: Medici Series – Townhouse Cosimo

This is the first building in our new Medici series. This series is Renaissance-inspired, but also fits well in fantasy-based settings like central Gor or Game of Thrones.

The Townhouse Cosimo is new and exclusive to the Redeux February round with 25% off for the duration of the event.

Residential townhouse with shop or office

Suitable for all role-playing sims, especially ancient or renaissance, central Gor or fantasy themed like Game of Thrones.

Footprint: 11 x 11 m
Landimpact: 81
Permissions: copy, modify, no transfer

  • medium sized renaissance themed townhouse
    – office at the ground floor
    – apartments on first and second floor
    – doors are KOOL-door ready
    – selected textures with material
    – mesh


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