Laketown – complete town from a rezzbox

Lake Town is a complete town for your role-playing game, created within 10 minutes out of a box. All you need to add is furniture and the roleplay can start right away.

The Lake Town is built entirely on water and can be explored on foot or by boat. The individual, beautifully detailed houses, as well as the great hall, are connected by walkways, creating a veritable labyrinth of walkways and waterways for role-playing.

The town is suitable for various scenarios, from the far north to Lord of the Rings or even as a pirate town on Gor.

Whatever scenario you choose, Lake Town is something special and different from many built-up RP sims.

Access from land is secured by a gate, otherwise your town can only be reached by boat. All canals lead into the market water, the central square of Lake Town. Above the Market Water rises the imposing, three-story Great Hall. The tavern and a few houses for the wealthier residents are adjacent.
All the decorative elements such as seaweed carpets, reeds, floating barrels, boats (not working!), rats and some birds are included in the Rezzbox and easily unfold as you rezz the town.

Of course, you can rearrange or redesign the city at any time. Countless possibilities await you!

~Key Features~

  • more than 10 different house types
  • workshops, shops, and own docks at many houses
  • tavern with two taprooms and two inn rooms
    (the tavern also has an open dock facing the lake or sea)
  • Impressive large Sea Hall, extends over 3 floors
  • gate with two large towers
  • access walkway from the land side with drawbridge
  • countless footbridges and walkways
  • working lanterns on the houses
  • all doors, gates and draw bridges are „KOOL Door ready“

The sample town in the box extends over a length of approx. 196 m and a width of approx. 107 m. On a full homestead or fullsim there is still enough space for surrounding land (e.g. if the city is to be placed in a lake) or a coastline. And as already mentioned, the city can be modified relatively easily, so that any other size and layout is possible.

Landimpact: 1736 prims
Rights: copy, mod for all elements

Introductory Special Price until June 31st

Demo Town inworld

Mainstore Del-ka Aedilis

Main Canal with bridges
atmospheric decor elements: rocking boats, swimming rats and soft water sounds
Market Water, Central Square
View from the tavern
Tavern & Inn
different housetypes with decoration and docks
a labyrinth of wooden walkways to discover
houses for merchants, fishermen, crafting & more

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