Del-ka Aedilis@ Ice and Fire Event, May 21-31

This month, we are participating in the Ice and Fire Event with a new exclusive furniture set for your role-play.

It is a Game of Thrones inspired event, essentially open to the medieval/fantasy world. For the duration of the new item is available with 25% OFF, after the event it will be available at our Del-ka Aedilis Mainstore for the regular price.

Look for the Demo version there at our „NEW ITEMS“ section.


The Medieval Desk Set Dragonstone is inspired by the study of Stannis Baratheon at Dragonstone as it is shown in the movie. I fits perfectly into many historical and fantasy based settings.

You may also use it in gorean roleplay – we added an additional gorean version to the Strategies Scene.

Features of the Desk Set Dragonstone:

Desk, 1LI, rezzes decorative scenes via click and menu:

Study Scene – 4LI

Drinking Wine 2LI

Strategies GoT 2LI

Strategies GOR 2LI

Highchair 2LI, comes with 15 sitting animations and attachment props

copy, mod

The table scenes come as separate items within the package or can be bought separately.

Sideboard Dragonstone – 75L only for the duration of the event
75L only for the duration of the event
75L only for the duration of the event
75L only for the duration of the event

There are some buildings from our Medieval Series with 50% OFF for the duration of the event.

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