Laketown Tavern @Redeux Event, June 14-21

For this round of Redeux we have a couple of new & exclusive items with 25% off for you.
The Laketown Tavern & Inn is the first solo release of our Laketown Buildings.
The Laketown Tavern Table Set is the perfect match, as well as the Medieval Dishes Rezzer, which will for sure enhance any roleplay in a medieval themed or viking setting.

Teleport to Redeux

Demo Sim Laketown with Tavern & Inn and Tavern Table Set


The Laketown Tavern & Inn is a new great building from our LAKETOWN series. The building fits to any medieval, gor or fantasy setting. Two taprooms are located on the lower floor, on the second floor are two more rooms, which can be used e.g. as a inn room. The large attic can be reached by a ladder.
The building rests on stilts and has its own dock with two jetties. Entrances are on the land and on the sea side. The stilts and dock can be easily removed with some building and editing skills. This makes sense, for example, if you want to use the tavern on a land-only sim and save a few prims
LI = 97 prims
Footprint = 22 x 16 m (tavern) + dock

The Laketown Tavern Table Set ist suitable for any medieval or viking setting.
Table and Benches are decorated with celtic carvings.

copy, mod
original mesh, Materials enabled for Advanced Lighting
Table 1 Land Impact
Bench 2 LI (please do not remove the shadow or change the size, for the has an effect on the animations)

Two people per bench:
9 Female Anims
9 Male Anims
including drink, eat & playing cards
cards and wooden cups get triggered by animation if you allow to attach props to your avata

The Medieval dishes rezzer includes a wooden plate that holds various handcrafted medieval meals, a wooden cup that has various drinks, and a matching cutlery set.
To fill the plate and cup, simply click on the plate and cup and make your selection from the menu.
There is no automatic clearing function, you have to clear your dishes manually using the menu.

Plate contains:
Meat, bread & peas
Chicken legs & carrots
Grilled fish & bread
Fried herring & bread
Sausages & Carrots
Fried egg, bacon & bread
Skyr & Blueberries

Cup contains:

No rezzed item has more than 1 LI!
Plate, cup and cutlery are copy, mod

Best practice is to set access via the security menu to public or group, so roleplayers can indicate they have finished their meal by clearing the dishes.

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