Del-ka Aedilis @ Ice and Fire Event

Ice and Fire is a Game of Thrones inspired event and helps roleplayers reenact that lore, recreating that fantastic world made of nobles and poor, assassins and honorable knights, magic and murder.

Ice and Fire Event, Sept 28 – Oct 10

We bring you a brandnew seating set inspired by the Kingdom of Dorne with 25% OFF for the event.

The building in the picture is our Harem Qismat

The Sunspear Set includes

  • Sunspear Sofa, 3LI only, sits 3 Avatars, Couple and Adult Anims for 2
    Original Mesh, anims suitable for role-play
  • Sunspear Tea Table
    1 LI only, Original Mesh
  • Sunspear Side Table
    1 LI only, Original Mesh
  • Sunspear Rug
    1 LI, Original Mesh

All items are copy, mod and advanced lighting effects are enabled.

The set fits also into any moorish-themed setting or fantasy roleplay like southern gor.

You can buy the individual items or the complete set,, but only the set is 25% off.

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