Villa Rustica, new & exclusive @ Fantasy Faire 2022

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Ever wanted to know what it feels like to be an ancient Roman landlord? Well, here’s your chance. After countless hours of research and building, we proudly present our new building complex: a Roman country estate – the Villa Rustica. Our Villa Rustica is a detailed replica of various reconstructed estates found all over Europe. It is a SMALL TOWN of its own with countless utility rooms, living quarters and stately reception rooms/halls. The gardens and garden paths are also based on Roman models.

A villa rustica is what the ancient Romans called a farmhouse or villa in the countryside with an agricultural section. In some cases, they were located in the centre of a large agricultural estate (latifundium). The villa rustica consisted of a spacious courtyard around which the farm rooms (pars rustica) were grouped and the palatial residential wing (pars urbana) on the north side of the courtyard.

~ Layout and features of the Villa Rustica ~

*** Pars Rustica (The Farmhouse) ***

Ground floor:

  • large colonnaded courtyard with herb and kitchen garden
  • stable with decoration
  • separate multipurpose building
  • five utility and craft rooms
  • two larger manorial rooms with marble floors, e.g. for the steward as office with adjoining living room
Pars Rustica, colonnaded courtyard
Herb & Kitchen Garden
Stable Area
Typical workroom or kitchen

First floor:

  • five spacious living chambers, rustic interior design
  • three large open rooms, which can be used as common rooms, kitchen, store, hospital, etc.

Extra decorations, such as oil lamps, torches, braziers, are also included in the package

First Floor, lots of rooms & space
Typical room of first floor / Pars Rustica

*** Pars Urbana (The Villa or Palace) ***

The villa is separated from the agricultural part of the estate by a massive gate. Moreover, the complete area of the villa is surrounded by walls to grant maximum privacy to the landlord and his family.

  • lush garden area, ivy-covered walls, birdbaths, and a generous outdoor seating area
  • separate building, e.g. for kitchen or servants
  • bathhouse with adult animations, access from the garden or the villa
  • various decorative elements: torches, fire bowls, etc.

Main building:

  • huge luxurious atrium, supported by 4 columns, water basin (impluvium) under the roof opening (compluvium), large open windows offer a spectacular view
  • private master bedroom with direct access to the bathhouse
  • open room as reception room
  • luxurious interior with marble floors, golden ceilings, richly decorated pillars, wall murals, oil lamps
  • large open hall with portico to the garden
Master Bedroom
Large hall for triclinium with portico to the garden
Private Garden
Bath, adult anims included

~ Package contents ~

Size: 61 x 42 m for the complete structure

  • Pars Rustica (The Farmhouse) with garden and decoration: 384 prims – 31 x 42 m
  • Stable with decoration: 27 prims
  • Pars Urbana (The Villa or Palace) with garden, decoration, bathhouse: 284 prims – 31 x 42 m
  • Villa Annex: 27 prims

Other Features:

  • doors KOOL door ready
  • handmade textures with materials
  • 100% mesh
  • copy and fully modifiable, no trans!

Ass an add-on for your ancient rome roleplay needs and with 100% donation for Relay for Life we offer you the following new & exclusive event items:

Relay for Life Donation Item
Relay for Life Donation Item

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