Divan & Table Scheherazade @A Thousand and One Night Event

For this themed event from June 11 – June 25 we offer a new and exclusive persian themed seating set, which is absolutely lowprim. Divan and Tea Table Scheherazade come in three wood tones (light, medium, dark) and the divan comes in three texture variations (red, blue and white tones).
Of course it works perfectly for southern gor or the Kingdom of Dorne as well.

Details Divan Scheherazade

2 LI only
sits 2 Avatars
14 anims for female (some with props)
12 anims for male (some with props)
9 couple cuddle anims
16 quality couple adult anims
3 wood tones
3 texture variations
Original Mesh & Materials
copy, mod

As an addition you can get the Floor Cushion Scheherazade as a group gift at our Mainstore. You can of course also buy it at the event.

3 anims for free women, 3 anims for male, 7 anims for slaves

All these new release are 25% off for the duration of the event.

Special event sales and gift:

You get our persian themed buildings with 25% off for the duration of the event.

You get the Civitas Series Tavern & Inn and the Seating Set Dorne with 50% off for the duration of the event.

We added a small medieval table oil lamp as an event gift.

Teleport to A Thousand and One Night Event June 11 – 25
Teleport to Mainstore for Groupgift (50L Fee)

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