Storage Chest Agrippa @Fantasy Room August 1-20

The Agrippa Storage Chest comes in several versions and styles, once as a package with laurel wreath decoration suitable for Roman or Central Gorean RP and once with medieval ornamentation for other roleplaying scenarios like middle ages or renaissance.

All packages contain a plain version without any decor elements. All versions come with and without kool door script to open and close. The Land Impact varies from 0.5 to 2 for the filled and scripted chest versions.

They are new & exclusively availabe at Fantasy Room in July with 10% off for the event.

Product Features:

only 0.5 LI per unscripted chest
only 1LI per scripted and empty chest
only 2Li per scripted and filled chest (there are three clothings versions in each package: clothing for poor and average people as well as clothes for female and male fitting into roman or medieval roleplay, depending on the package)
Original Mesh
copy, mod
Package contains 6 chest types in 3 wood tones (light, medium, dark)
advanced lighting enabled

on the left: chest with female roman clothing, on the right: chest with male roman clothing (toga)

on the left: chest with female medieval clothing, on the right: chest with male medieval clothing

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