Insula Victoria I

Roleplay building for gorean, medieval, ancient (greek, roman) mediterranean settings. This is the second building of the „Victoria“ series. Please have a look at the classic roman style insula, too.

FOOTPRINT: approximately 24 x 10 m

LAND IMPACT: 94 prims

PERMISSIONS: Copy, Mod, No Transfer

The Large Insula consists of four dwelling units of different sizes. On the left there are two small units, and on the right side two larger ones. One of them with balconies.
Inside and outside the building is very detailled textured.
You can enter the insula from the front and from the back of the building to suit it better into your urban setting.

„In Roman architecture, an insula (Latin for „island,“ plural insulae) was a kind of apartment building that housed most of the urban citizen population of ancient Rome, including ordinary people of lower- or middle-class status (the plebs) and all but the wealthiest from the upper-middle class (the equites). Like modern apartment buildings, an insula might have a name, usually referring to the owner of the building.“
(source: Wikipedia)

Price: 1299 L$ via Marketplace Shop

To see the building inworld, contact Beric01 Resident or Nea Narstrom.

Mesh compatible viewer required!









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