Civitas Series – Roman Console Table

The console table from our Civitas Series offers you a multifunctionial item to decorate your roleplay environment in any ancient, central gorean or any historical fantasy setting.

The table rezzes prop sets on click, depending on where you place it or what kind of roleplay you do with it. Every prop set is picked to support your roman/ancient roleplay in business or more private settings like the chamber of a roman woman.

Content / Prop Sets
Business 4LI
Ancestral Worship 3LI
Vanity with wig display 6LI
Drink 2LI
Study 3LI

clean up table with „clear“ – 2 LI

Console table ist copy, modify, no transfer.
All items are copy, no transfer.

Please don’t change the size of the table, because it has an influence on the position of the rezzed prop sets. 🙂

Please have a look at the other items and buildings of our civitas series, if you are generally interested in roman/ancient roleplay and decoration.

Price 399L$

See inworld before purchasing.

Purchase via Marketplace

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