Civitas Series – Villa Iulia

Villa Julia is a typical Villa Urbana of the late republic. Elaborate architecture and urban comfort determine the character of the villa. Luxury houses of this kind could be found, for example, on the hills outside Rome, on the Gulf of Naples in cities such as Puteoli, Baiae, Pompeii or Cumae. The main purpose was the villa owner’s secluded summer stay, during which Hellenistic culture was cultivated and sumptuous banquets were held.

Wealthy patricians with great names retreated there to escape the heat, noise and stench of Rome and relax by the sea or in the mountains.

The architecture, especially at the back of the villa, is very different from the Roman villas and houses in the city of Rome. While the front area was dominated by a spacious atrium with adjoining bedrooms, the rear part is determined by a peristylium with large and airy gardens, vantage points overlooking the sea or mountains, an open summer triclinium and generous bathing facilities.

Features of Villa Julia:

– atrium with open roof, rain basin and four adjoining bedrooms, ( of which two are more spacious )
– the owner’s study and reception room (Tablinum)
– kitchen and slave area
– summer dining room open to the peristylium (triclinium)
– open courtyard with two small gardens, surrounded by columns (peristylium)
– Bathroom with viewing window
– another room with a viewing window, e.g. the owner’s relaxation room
– a spacious covered veranda with breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside
– all textures have been carefully selected and are partly handmade
– Doors are scripted and KOOL door ready
– 99.9% mesh

As an extra feature we have installed a rain generator in the Impluvium. Just click on the edge of the basin and it will rain through the roof openings.

Complementary products, such as furniture, lighting, pool sets with animations, and many more can be purchased in our shop.

*** Other features and notes ***

Footprint: 20 x 40 m
Landimpact: villa = 129 prims, peristyle garden: 15 prims

The Villa and the individual parts are copyable and modifiable. However, we recommend at least basic building knowledge if you want to change something.

The Rezbox is located at the entrance, which should also serve as a suitable height indication for the ground level below the structure. We recommend to rez the complete structure approx. 5 – 10 m above the actual ground level. After everything has been rezzed, you can slowly move the box downwards and align the structure.

Terraforming skills are required.

Price: 1299L$

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